It’s 3:15am and I am working on a puzzle in Jersey City. Everything has changed but nothing has changed. My grandparents are wonderful and we drove through a winter wonderland to have turkey sandwiches and go to a magic shop. I cut off all my hair. None of my clothes fit. I need to take a serious break from rice. I keep wanting to go home home but other people live there.

Malaysia feels like something I dreamt up. I catch myself asking…did that really happen? Or am I making it up? Some of it was so dramatic I feel like I am lying.

First impressions of America: I am living in the future and haven’t woken up yet. CBD oils are everywhere, everything is paved and electronic and wrapped in plastic yet we have to bring our own bags. Things work. The water is clean? People speak English and look like me. Everyone seems to be wearing a uniform of black with an eyebrow, some kind of boot, and the newest iPhone. There is so much diversity here. There was a shooting in Jersey City the day we came home. Trump is getting impeached. People haven’t heard of Malaysia.

It’s uncomfortable but growth requires discomfort. Onwards and upwards my dears.

I would love to see you and hear your stories.


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